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You can't deny this rage! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tom's Workers ~+~ Apprentice Love

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Fic searchin ;) [Jan. 26th, 2008|12:52 pm]
Tom's Workers ~+~ Apprentice Love

[Current Location |bed, sick]
[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

Hey everyone! XD

Just wanted to say hi, and that FrankyxIceberg doesn't get enough love :( Sadly, I can neither draw nor write well, so I don't know if I'll be posting here or not. I had a question though: can anyone rec some FrankyxIceberg fics for me? I can only find a couple no matter where I search, and they need more shout-outs.

Currently, I'm sick and totally floored. I can't really *breathe*, let alone move or write. Just about the only thing I'm capable of is typing and web-searching ;) So, I'm looking through new fics on all of my current favorite pairings, and re-reading fics that I loved. SO… recs, anyone? *puppyeyes* Ignore the sniffling and hacking, and I might pull them off.

Thanks in advance! X3 Love this pairing.
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MOD POST: Off topic but important [Aug. 10th, 2007|07:48 am]
Tom's Workers ~+~ Apprentice Love

If you haven't heard yet... this totally blows.


hanabishirecca in fandom_action.

"Rep. Steven Chabot (R-OH) has introduced a bill that strengthens copyright laws . This bill modifies existing laws to make it possible for you to be charged criminally for copyright infringement and increases the penalty for such infringements. While this law is mostly designed to help the RIAA and MPAA send people who use P2P networks to jail (and make more money), it could also be applied to the fandom world."

On hanabishirecca's post ( http://community.livejournal.com/fandom_action/1323.html ) , there is a link to the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) website that has set up a letter that will be automatically sent to your local government officials in protest of the new bill. The EFF website even goes into further detail about the new law saying that "Law enforcement would also be allowed to use wiretaps and to spy on personal communications as part of copyright investigations ." The new bill allows for "(1) making it easier to convict people by eliminating the inconvenient necessity of proving that actual infringement took place, and (2) increasing the financial and confinement punishments."

So even if you don't write fanfiction or draw fanart, you should still read up on this new bill on the EFF website ( https://secure.eff.org/site/Advocacy?JServSessionIdr011=y2q7x9mp21.app2a&cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=299 ) cause chances are this will still affect you.
Also, if you can, it wouldn't hurt to get the word out to the rest of the fandom communities and other LJ users.
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Present for everyone... eventually! [Jul. 28th, 2007|08:28 am]
Tom's Workers ~+~ Apprentice Love

[Current Mood |awakeawake]

Now, I own four [count'em] Tom's Workers doujinshi. 3 doujinshi, and an anthology of different artists. I just bought three more. As /soon/ as I have a scanner that won't destroy the binding on these, I'll scan them. In the meantime, gimee a few days, and I'll scan at least the covers. I spoil you people.
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Now in technicolor! [Jul. 25th, 2007|10:12 pm]
Tom's Workers ~+~ Apprentice Love

[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

Same pic, colored in. It'd be a helluva lot nicer if I had inked it, and my PS skills are rusty too, but I think it's cute. :)

Check it out one time, won'tchu?Collapse )
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Heya. [Jul. 25th, 2007|03:06 pm]
Tom's Workers ~+~ Apprentice Love

[Current Mood |blankblank]

Hope this works. Tinypic is being wonky, and Photobucket is just kaput for me. My contribution- I have no idea where my inking stuff is, and I haven't been drawing much lately, so be gentle.

I want an Iceburg plush...Collapse )
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MOD POST: GOMEN MINNA-SAN!!!!! [Jul. 24th, 2007|08:06 am]
Tom's Workers ~+~ Apprentice Love

[Current Mood |crazycrazy]

My internet keeps dying and I really did think this place was DOA... then I ran into Kaku-chan and Paulie-san at Otakon and Kaku-chan told me she'd found this place!!

So here I am, your ever absent Mayor-Mod... sorry for not hanging in, ship-wrights.
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Thought I forgot about you guys, haa? ;) [May. 23rd, 2007|11:11 pm]
Tom's Workers ~+~ Apprentice Love

[Current Mood |happySUPER-DOOPER !]
[Current Music |Saru Agari Salvage !]

Well, I finally got access to a scanner today, and TA-DA ! Here's that picture I promised you guys. I'll be doodling some more pictures for Tom's Workers this week, try to breath some life into this community! O vO;; Maybe if I keep posting, someone might notice us, haa?

I'm half way through two or three different Cutty/Iceburg fics, and hopefully I'll have atleast one of them done by Sunday.


oops, almost forgot the picture...Collapse )

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Good Riddance [May. 18th, 2007|10:54 pm]
Tom's Workers ~+~ Apprentice Love

[Current Mood |sadNot so Super...]

Here's that other fanfic I promised ! I have another one that's in the process of being written and a few more floating around in my head.. so hopefully I'll be posting some more fanfics here soon ! (( And that fanart~ xD ))

Title: Good Riddance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: There are some words that can never be forgiven.

Good Riddance.Collapse )
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Little Things [May. 18th, 2007|10:43 pm]
Tom's Workers ~+~ Apprentice Love

[Current Mood |happySUPER!]

:DD I'm so happy I found this community~ I found this place while looking for a CP9 community, and was a little shocked that not many people have joined this place! ; O; !! So here I am to give our favourite little Shipwrights some well-deserved lovings in the form of fanworks! XDD

I've got some fanart I've drawn of the two of them that I'll scan and post here sometime in the next few days, but for now here's a tiny little fanfic I posted on FF.net sometime back -- in a little bit I'll post another one I have after I finish fixing it up a little more. o .o;

Title: Little Things
Raiting: G
Summary: Franky just wants to eat in peace - unfortunately, Iceburg wants the same thing.
Time Frame: Franky should be around 13 or 14 here

I want burritos now!Collapse )
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(no subject) [Apr. 6th, 2007|12:30 pm]
Tom's Workers ~+~ Apprentice Love

Series: A Thousand Sunny Days [aka-- 1001 Iceburgian Nights...]
Title: Place of Honor
Spoilers: If you aren't caught up to the end of the Enies Lobby arc and the mini arc just after DON'T READ THIS.

Read more...Collapse )
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